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Grayhound is a three masted replica customs lugger from 1776. Launched in 2012, the 63 ft long wooden beauty runs charter trips around the world. I was lucky enough to join the lovely family of sailors on a trip from Plymouth to Paimpol festival in France. This film involved me being hoisted up the main mast and a magical encounter with a dolphin.
Grayhound received 2000 hits over one weekend after I uploaded this film.

' What a fantastic memory of Grayhound. Loved the time-lapse sequences intercut with the Frenchmen singing and the scenes with the dolphins. Standouts for me - the juxtaposition of the still-life food on the table with the people eating around it - just like that image of stillness at the heart of all that busyness and the view from the top of the mast - you could see the curve of the world at some points.' 'Mary Zacoroli on Vimeo